Transition to School Program

Our Transition to School Program is made up of various initiatives. These are:

Visits to the nearby primary schools so that children may familiarise themselves with the new environment. Parents will be invited to send in packed lunches similar to school further familiarising themselves The social, emotional and cognitive developmental factors that are to be taken into consideration are:
1 The child’s ability to play alongside others
2 Relating to adults
3 Familiar with group situations
4 Self-help and self-expression skills
5 Awareness of needs
6 Knowing name
7 Ability to make small choices/decisions
8 Attending and following through with tasks
9 Number skills
10 Pre-handwriting skills
The Transition to School Program checklist would ensure all children are familiar with all necessary skills before heading off to Primary School. Our aim is to provide a program that is structured to allow all children to extend and develop at their own physical, social, emotional and cognitive level and expose children to the basics of being a primary school student.